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Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Updated Version (Jan)2023 Download for Android

Gb Whatsapp Messenger

GbWhatsapp Apk

Gb Whatsapp Apk is the amazing modified version of Whatsapp messenger for android that has hundred of premium tools available. The fame of Whatsapp messenger is increasing day across all social media app. But the Official messenger provides limited features that could not increase the level of satisfaction of users. That’s Why The atnfas_hoak created a modified Gb version.

The Gb Whatsapp Apk has hundred of Entertaining, Exciting, and valuable features that increase the satisfaction level and engagement of users all over the world.

In the Gb Version, You can use auto-reply mode in your chat, Filter message, Amazing pre-installed themes, Send a maximum size of pictures, and many amazing features are available for use,

Status downloader is the key feature of GBWhatsApp apk. You don’t need to download any additional status saver apps. Gb messenger has also status saver tools included. As well as, The Latest Updated Version of Gb WhatsApp messenger is anti-banned. That keeps your account safe from suspension. If you want to get more information, pros and cons feature, comparison, and download link of Gb WhatsApp apk. So, Don’t move your eyeball from this page.

GbWhatsapp Apk’s Details

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Gb Whatsapp Pro Apk Download

Now! You can easily download and install the latest version of the Gb Whatsapp apk from the given download link. I embed the download link of GB WhatsApp pro apk under the download button. Just click on the download link. Then you will automatically redirect to the Downloading page where you can download it and get more technical details about the Gbwhatsapp apk.

GbWhatsapp Apk’s Features

The Latest 2023 version of Gb Whatsapp apk is modified with many new exciting features that may enhance your user experience up to the next level and provide the best level of satisfaction. However, I share the Overview of some amazing features.


Auto-reply is a helpful feature of Gbwapp that safe your time from every Whatsapp message. It is effectively and accurately works on every Whatsapp chat. Just you need to enable it on your necessary chats.

Hide Last seen

The Official messenger shows the last seen of all your contact. But you can hide your visibility and last seen with the Gb version. Simply disable the last seen in the privacy option and hide your last seen and online visibility.

Hide Message Delivery Tick

Generally! The double tick shows when the message will be delivered. the Official app has not any feature to hide the double tick feature. But Gb Whatsapp pro apk allows you to hide a double tick on every message chat. that make your privacy more strong.

Status Saver

Status saver is a cool feature of the Gbwhatsapp apk that enables you to download all your friends statuses in your device storage. If you want to download photos, videos, GIFs,s or anything. GBWA can easily download it without any third-party-supported app.

Support Multiple file format

As usual, We can not send any complicated format of files from the Whatsapp app such as ZIP, APK, or RAR, But the Gb Pro app support all format of files. Just attach your sending file and share it with any friend or send it to the group chat.

Online Status

The Official WhatsApp app shows the online status whenever we use the WhatsApp app. But the GB pro version enables you to show the always-online status. Officially! It can utilize more battery resources.


The Official messenger app has only daylight and dark mod of appearance. But Gbwhatsapp pro apk has many beautiful and colorful themes. That makes your chat appearance more beautiful. As well as! you can apply custom color in every part of your themes like the header, footer, and body.

Send bulk Files

The Gb mod app enables you to send up to 90 media files at once. Instead of an Official app that allows only 10 files at the same time.

Send Big File

You can send up to 16 MB of file with an ordinary WhatsApp apk. Where the Gb variant makes sure to send up to 50 MB of a file to your friends.

Basic Features of Gb WhatsApp

  • Generally! The Official Whatsapp app shows your Online status or Last seen to your friends. But you can hide your last seen from Gb pro-Apk version,
  • The Gb messenger allows you to set the Group name up to 60 characters. Instead of the Gb version that only allows up to 35 characters.
  • Gb pro apk has the ability to use up to 255 characters of state instead of 186 characters from the Official app.
  • Gb WhatsApp apk also allows you to call your friends directly via sim number.
  • Pin your more than three favorite chats.
  • You can easily send up to 100 MB of audio clips from the GbWhatsapp app Instead of the Official messenger.
  • Easy to copy two or more comments without a date time or separator tag.

FAQs about GbWhatsapp Apk

Which is Original GB WhatsApp?

GbWhatsapp is a cloning version of the Official Whatsapp messenger app that is created by atnaf-hoak with many additional features. That makes the user experience more exciting. It uses the API of the official app which may be risky to your account.

How can I download the real GB WhatsApp?

Just tap the download button and Install the real Gb Whatsapp apk on your device. It is the Official source where you can download the latest updated version of every Whatsapp modified app at any time.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

It is a third-party app but you can use it in a simple precautionary way. Create your new account for the first time and test it approx 24 hours. After that sing-in your primary account. Otherwise, your account might be temporarily banned for 40 days.


Gb Whatsapp apk is an amazing Modified version of the Official Whatsapp messenger. That has many exciting and eye-catching features. The trends of Gb Whatsapp pro apk are rising day by day because the majority of users got bored with the limited features of Official WA Messenger. That’s Why the atnaf-Hoak introduced Gb Version. And Now this time the Search graph of the Gb version has crossed 100 million in 2023. I have uploaded the latest Gb Version at the download Button. You can download and enjoy it.