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Candy Crush Mod Apk Download Unlimited Lives For Android

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Candy Crush Mod Apk

Welcome to the world of candy magic!

Summary: Are you ready for Sweet Surprise? A deliciously sweet match 3 puzzle game. Switch and match Candies to attack the evil monster, create special candies and combos! It’s an extremely delicious adventure that is filled with fun puzzles! whenever you start playing candy crush mod apk, you’ll be hooked!

Description: Get ready for a Candy Crush Saga for Android that will have your mouth watering as one of the most fun and entertaining puzzle games ever created on mobile devices. With 600 levels of sweet fast action packed into this irresistibly scrumptious hit, you will have family members fighting over whose turn it is to play next.

For me, this game will always remind me of my high school days. The reason why I mentioned it is because when I was in high school, we had a special time set aside for “alone time” and everyone in the class would rush to play with their handheld consoles or simply chat with their friends about useless stuff. It was during one of those times that I met Candy Crush again and got hooked again on playing it non-stop. Before this article came out, I went ahead and downloaded it once more just to reminisce some good memories from back then.

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle video game created by King Co. Ltd., The Officially released date on Facebook in 2012

Candy Crush Mod Apk

Candy crush apk game is top-rated, especially for children. Because children like to eat candies. And candy crush games have many types of sweets available every. Due everyone wants to play candy crush game without any hurdles. But official candy_crush game provides limited lives other stuff to every user. When you spent 5 lives at the same time, then it shows the 30 minutes of countdown cause, I introduce the mod apk of this game.    

Candy crush mod apk download

Here, you can download and get unlimited fun with candy crush mod apk. Click on the download button. I fetched the candy crush mod apk download link on it .

Candy crush mod Popular Features 

Candy mod apk has many premium features available. But some popular features I defined below.

Unlimited Lives

The Official version of the candy crush gives us a maximum of five lives at the same time. It means whenever we lost our five lives at the same time. Then it starts the 30 minutes of a timer to continue our game. But this mod apk has unlimited lives are available. We can play our game continuously without any hurdles.


It is an underlying problem of every android app that it disturbs the user through different ads. But Candy crush mod apk has removed every ad unit. We may enjoy unlimited fun without any disturbance.

Level Unlocked

The mod version of the candy game has every level unlocked. You have no need to play it with the first level. You can choose any desires stage that you want to play. And enjoy it.

Without Log-in

The subway Official has required log-in with your Facebook account to play your game. But subway mod apk has no need the login access. You can play it after the installation.


Candy crush mod apk is an excellent mod version with every premium tools. It is saved and secures for every android user. You can easily download candy mod apk from here. The downloading link is given above. 

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